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Selected Tiny Stories: Losing Yourself

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging and Tiny Stories to focus on a flash fiction writing class. For a few weeks, every night we received a writing prompt. We would share our work with our little online writing group and give each other feedback. (Side note: I came away with some good stuff that I'm going to submit for publication. Stay tuned!)

I learned a lot about the art of flash fiction. More importantly, I also discovered that writing is very much a form of meditation. Each night I sat down to write, I would lose track of time. I would look up and an hour would have flown by but it felt like only minutes. I would also lose my sense of self during that time. All that inner chatter would just disappear. Then I would awake from this creative immersion and enter back into real life.

What activity makes you lose yourself? Whatever it is, do more of it!


I hope you enjoy the latest selection of Tiny Stories for The 100 Day Project!

Until next time...

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