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Selected Tiny Stories: The Tides of Life

Have you ever felt like many different people inhabit your one body? Maybe yesterday you were loving on everyone and everything, and today you are itching for some serious time alone? Maybe it's not just changes in your mood, but also changes in your preferences, however mundane. Yesterday you were so sure that the newest Trader Joe's snack mix was their best one yet, while today you have the urge to backtrack on your proclamations.

I used to feel a certain need to remain consistent across most facets of my life. If I expressed a preference for one thing over the other, I felt a certain responsibility to adhere. Perhaps it was fear of seeming erratic or unpredictable and therefore untrustworthy. But the older I get, the less I fuss about changing my preferences or even my moods. Our moods, our preferences, our needs - they change, they morph, they come in and then they recede. These are the tides of everyday life.


I hope you enjoy this special selection of Tiny Stories for The 100 Day Project:

Until next time...


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