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Selected Tiny Stories: Trees and Their Leaves

I'm suddenly interested in the names of trees. So I buy a field guide to North American trees and discover there are a dizzying array of maples in the Northeast. I learn that the two maples in my neighbor's yard have distinctly different leaves. The essence of the leaf is maple-ish but there is little doubt that one is a Norway Maple and the other is a Japanese Maple. There are so many living things right outside our doorstep with stories (or names) we don't know.

Earlier today, I watch my 8-year old daughter in animated conversation with her 92-year old great-grandmother. They discuss friendships, self-actualization and how to walk with confidence. Each listens intently and patiently as the other speaks. Studying the exchange from far away, I'm struck by all of their similarities and all of their differences. They come from the same tree but each has her own distinct and beautiful leaves.


I hope you enjoy this week's selection of tiny stories for The 100 Day Project!

In honor of my friend Cathy!

In memory of our friend John:

In memory of George Floyd:

Until next time...


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