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Tiny Wins

It's been a while! In my time away from this blog, I've been learning how to tell little stories. I discovered and fell in love with "flash" fiction, which is generally defined as fiction under 1,000 words, and "micro" fiction, which is generally under 400 words. I've taken classes, read ALOT of little stories by phenomenal writers, and tried actually writing the stuff.

It's quite difficult to tell a compelling story with so few words, but so much fun to try. In order to dedicate more time to trying, I was lucky enough to change jobs. Over the last year, I've even had some pieces published. Check them out here.* What I learned is that taking little steps each day towards a goal will eventually lead to little wins. And the hope is that these little wins will eventually lead to bigger ones.

* Content Warning: Before you read these stories, you should know that I often write about very difficult topics, such as suicide or the death of a child. Many of these stories are inspired by true events (although many of the facts have been changed). What I'm often aiming to do with these pieces is take something tragic, something unimaginably painful, and create from it a tiny seed of beauty.


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