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This Week in Tiny Stories: Change & Growth

I was joking with my 12-year old son recently that being a kid is similar to being pregnant in one very specific way: everyone feels entitled to talk openly about your body and how it's changing. Except that when you're a kid, this happens for about 18 years not just 9 months. He's a good sport, but I can tell he doesn't love it. And I'd be lying if I said that I don't contribute to all the talk. I mean, his feet are bigger than mine already! (Crap, there I go again).

What is it about change and growth that keeps catching us by surprise? We know kids get bigger, we know time passes fast, but it always catches us off-guard. It's almost as though we have some form of selective amnesia when it comes to change. Maybe we don't want to believe that time is indeed passing - sometimes without our consent - because we know what lies ahead for us at the very end of the road. Or maybe we're not really caught by surprise, but rather our excitement at witnessing change is simply a spontaneous expression of love. Whatever it is, I doubt I'll ever stop marveling at my children's feet.


I hope you enjoy this week's installment of "Tiny Stories" for The 100 Day Project:

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