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This Week in Tiny Stories: Nostalgia

Where does your mind travel to when all the lights are turned down low? What is the default destination of your daydreams? It's a harder question to answer that it seems at first blush. Concentrate and try to answer. You might be surprised at what you find.

For me, the answer changes depending on the hour, the week, the year, and the season of my life. There's always a background buzz in my mind of where I want to go with my life - a forward-looking scenery. I try to answer: what's it all for? What am I working towards?

This week felt a little different. I started out focusing on the present, and then slowly my mind crept backwards, towards the years when I had babies, and then further, back to when I was a little kid myself. What triggers feelings of nostalgia? Maybe it was my son's 12th birthday this week. Maybe it was the slow roll towards some light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. Or maybe it's just the quietude that is gently but noticeably nestling its way into my older psyche. Whatever it is, I like it.


I hope you enjoy this week's installment of "Tiny Stories" for The 100 Day Project:

Until next time...


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